About Us

eSports Mogul is an ASX listed (ASX ESH) eSports media company. Its core business is to provide a fully integrated, market leading eSports-focused online media platform, called ESM Media Hub. ESM Media Hub will provide an easily accessible online platform for eSports enthusiasts, and offer and a range of eSports products and services including;

  • ESM Academy – an eSports learning academy;
  • ESH Tournament Platform – an online eSports tournament platform; and
  • ESM Productions – exclusive eSports content.

eSports Mogul has an 10 year exclusive licence (subject to conditions) to operate the eSports online tournament platform of New York-based eSports company, eSports Hero Inc. in the Asia-Pacific region; eSports Mogul has a 20% shareholding in eSports Hero Inc. eSports Hero Inc. provides a skillbased online tournament platform where video gamers can compete in all major eSports in 1 v 1 and team v team tournaments.

eSport is the video gamer equivalent to sport and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is estimated that there are currently 1.9+ billion players across all platforms globally and in 2016 the global games market size was estimated at $99.6 billion. Asia Pacific dominates the market accounting for around 47% ($46.6 billion) of the global games market in 2016.

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